9Yrs. of design experience, find more at LinkedIn ↗

Based in Delhi, IN — IST 5:30 am

Since January 2021

At the moment, I’m building design system at Paytm.

  • Design System Tokenisation
  • Design System Tooling
  • Maintaining Component Lifecycle
  • Building Org-level Plugins
  • SVN Asset Management
  • Design Audits & Checks

I like to do experiments.

I work on design concepts that extend beyond traditional GUI. I make magic happen.

Accessibility first

When we design for differently-abled users, we make experiences better for everyone. I focus on permanent, temporary, and situational disability.

User focus

While designing experiences, I keep users front and centre. I prefer firsthand user observations and making design decisions grounded in data.

Human factor

Humans have variables that increase the tendency of errors. I make product interaction so easy that it becomes hard for users to make errors.

Figma Plugins & Widgets

I make things for people who design things.

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